4228 beckerdite rd. sophia nc, 27350


          Thanks so much for wanting to learn more about us.  We are worship leaders and songwriters whose hearts bleed to see a generation get wrecked by the love of God. The songs we sing come from the journeys we have taken. The albums we have recorded come from our collisions with God's love. The dream of our heart is to simply waste our life worshiping Jesus.

           We have two beautiful children and live in the woods of Sophia, North Carolina. We co-lead a a multi-generational ministry with Jonathan’s parents Ken and Linda Helser called A Place for the Heart. For the last 14 years, we’ve been giving our life to disciple a generation.  We currently have nine staff and six interns that have all participated in the 18 Inch Journey. The band playing with us is more than just a group of musicians. They are giving their lives as full time staff of this ministry.  We do much more than just travel and play gigs, we are leading schools, internships and doing kingdom family community year round.

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